Book Release :: GET LEADERized



Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. Releasing this book is one such moment for me, and I would like to thank all those who helped me complete this book. This book contains insights from my 20+ years of professional journey. I have shared practical leadership strategies for work and life that guided my journey from a village boy to the head of Indian operations of an Information Technology company. A few chapters of this book are part memoir, part leadership practices that served me well over the years.

Everything that I shared in this book centers on my experience as EnergyTech Global‘s first employee in India and the managing director and my vantage point as a massive student, practitioner, and evangelist of leadership as part of the John Maxwell Team. I have combined leadership wisdom with insightful and entertaining real-life stories to unveil the secrets of building great teams and putting leadership into high gear. This book will help you increase your influence as a leader and fully engage and create magic to drive remarkable results with your teams. You can order your copies using any of the below links.–>–>–>
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The eBook version will be available soon on Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, and iBooks.


20th Nov 2021 :: Writing a book changed my life

I am about to publish my 2nd book GET LEADERized next month and let me tell you that I am no genius. If I can do it, I promise you can too. I won’t say it won’t be difficult because it definitely will be. But I can guarantee the outcome if you choose to show up yourself intentionally and consistently every day to put in the work. Eventually, you will experience a day when you’re holding a copy of your book in your hands for the first time. Let me tell you, it will feel electric, and you can only treasure but can’t measure the moment.
As far as I remember, I never dreamt of writing a book. It all started with journaling my daily learnings. Deciding to write a book has helped me fall in love with structured and focused learning again. It taught me the importance of finishing what I have started and helped me confront with my deepest fears. I allowed the writing process to serve me to be a better leader and human being. I always consider myself the first reader and first learner of this book. I study, understand, and live the ideas mentioned in all my books. Writing a book changed my life. It will change yours too.
So the question is are you ready to write a book and experience change in your life?

16th Oct 2021 :: It’s A Wrap

I am feeling many different emotions as I complete writing my 2nd book on leadership. It’s such a great relief that it’s done, and the process I started 14 months ago has now ended. I gave it my best by writing 30 minutes a day on average most days. Writing a book can be really scary. But, there is a secret to reducing fear and accomplishing big goals in our life. Let’s take action! The crazy thing about big scary goals is that they become less big and less scary the closer we move towards them consistently and intentionally. The secret to being productive is to work on the right thing, even if it’s at a slow pace.
To write a great book, you must first become the book. Every chapter that I wrote in this book is a reminder to myself. I wrote about leadership in this book because I am learning about leadership, and I consider myself the first reader and first learner. I have studied, understood, and lived the ideas mentioned here in this book myself first. This December, I promise to offer you a conglomeration of the best ideas the world’s great leaders figured out a long time ago, which are time-tested, well-proven, and easy to learn.

9th Oct 2021 :: Book Update


I am happy with how quickly it’s all moving now. I am almost on the verge of completing round#2 of revising the manuscript of my new book. A detailed publishing plan has now been agreed upon with my publisher. Fingers crossed, I am planning to release the book in December 2021.
This book focuses on leadership strategies and actionable insights, which helped me dream big, build high-performing teams, put people at the center, and guided my journey from a rural village to a corporate world.
This book centers on my experience as EnergyTech Global’s first employee in India and Managing Director for the last six and half years and my vantage point as a massive student, practitioner, and evangelist of leadership as part of the John Maxwell Team. Thanks to everyone who is paying attention to my new book updates. I’m honored to have you as part of my journey. I promise this is the best writing I’ve ever done, and this book will add immense value to your personal and professional life.

9th Dec 2020 :: Book Update

Many of you likely know that I’m in the middle of writing a book on leadership. I have been working on this book since September 2020, and I am nowhere near the finish line. The working title of this book is called GET LEADERized. Hopefully, it should be out sometime this year.⁣ In this book, I will share practical professional growth strategies that guided my journey from an impecunious village boy to the Head of Indian operations for a billion-dollar enterprise. 

My mentor once told me that we write books that we need ourselves. I wrote about growth in Don’t Coast because I made growth as number one priority in my life. I am writing about leadership in this book because I am learning and practicing leadership for a few years. I consider myself the first reader of this book. I was hoping you could read it and be transformed through it once made available later this year.