Don’t Coast

Don't Coast


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In his new book, Kishore Borra takes us on a growth journey. He highlights that personal and professional growth doesn’t happen on its own, and no one improves by simply living or coasting. He says that growth happens daily but not in a day and all changes appear hard in the beginning; messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. According to Kishore “You don’t go into an opportunity; you grow into an opportunity” & “You don’t get lucky; you make yourself lucky.”

This book is a blueprint for your growth. Along the way, Kishore discusses 4P’s, which are essential for your personal and professional growth. All the concepts explained in this book are like cookies in the lower shelf, very easy for anyone to reach and collect. Go for it!! This book is a must-read for anyone who doesn’t want to accept life rather want to create and lead life intentionally.

Do you have uphill aspirations and downhill habits? We have to be super intentional about our growth in life. And the sooner we make the transition to becoming intentional about our growth, the better it will be for an individual. As you all know that what goes around comes around. Doing the right thing or wrong thing daily compounds over time. Genius is less about genetics, and it’s more about your habits, limiting beliefs, self-image, daily routines, the people that you are surrounded by and the environments that you are in. Hence you don’t get lucky; you make yourself lucky. There’s no such thing as luck. Once I went to my mentor and told him that I love what he does and as a matter of fact, I would like to be like him and do what he does. He told me, “Kishore, that’s great; however, I have a few questions for you” and went on asking the below:

  • Are you willing to do what I did so you can do what I do?
  • Are you ready to GIVE UP to GO UP?
  • What price are you ready to pay?

Do you want to choose to pay now and play later or play now and pay later? Regardless of choice, one thing is sure; life will always demand payment from us. I firmly believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will always appear. Your awareness to understand things and willingness to grow are the factors which will open doors for you in life. If you happen to be reading this page, then I believe that you are now ready for the next phase of the growth wave in your life and God has a purpose for your life during this season. You are called here into this world not to survive but to thrive and serve. God did not create you and me to be average or to be mediocre. He wants us to live a life of abundance. He wanted us to do more, be more and become more by reaching our potential.

I desire to help you develop a positive attitude, seek confidence, unlock your potential and become more in touch with your purpose in life. I am passionate to contribute to your success through this book.  This book will assist you in developing the life skills you need to live a prosperous and fulfilled personal and professional life.  This book will help you accelerate your personal and professional growth. It will help you to have a growth mindset and become the person that you aspire to be.

My calling is to go around and help people unlock their potential. My willingness to grow has continuously opened up a lot of doors for me in life. I have made growth as the number one priority in my life. I have realised that growth happens daily but not in a day. Ever since I learned this concept, I have started teaching this to people working with me as the first cab of the rank activity. I desire to create a lasting impact on the lives of students, working professionals, executives to reach the next level in their studies, career, business & life by reading this book. I desire to be an agent of change in this world, showing people the truth of their infinite potential and their God-given talents, resources, skills and abilities.

I have published my maiden book Don’t Coast – Accelerate your personal and Professional Growth in July 2020. I’m looking forward to your support and encouragement. Read the book and get ready to spread your wings and soar absolutely and emphatically in the months and years to come.

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— Mr Kishore Borra