Stay True to Your Values

Qualifications, certifications, test scores, gold medals, internships do not define your career. What will make or break your career is who you are and what values define you because your values are the ones that define and differentiate you over time. They define what is unique and consistent about you.

There is no quick fix or magic formula to become a great leader. Leadership comes from how you think, act, and treat others but not from your title or position. You become a leader by empowering others and creating conditions for your teams to achieve important business goals. You become a leader by rallying people around a common mission and creating a sense of shared purpose, a sense of succeeding or failing together as a team.

You are allowed to take pride in your leadership title only if you are empowering others due to your presence and creating an environment for them to bring their whole selves into the office not because they have to but because they want to. They feel empowered, enjoy their work, and want to be around their leader.

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