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Today morning I wrote to my EnergyTech colleagues and shared one of my secrets which served me well over the last few years. I am posting some of it here so that my wider tribe can also benefit from this. I request you stay for a few more minutes on this post and complete reading it until the end. I am now forty-five years old, and I am more certain about a few things in life than I was at thirty. I am now getting a better handle on my growth and what matters the most for the rest of my life. I am now more excited and focused on my current trajectory than my current results, so should you be too.

A few years ago, I learned from my mentor to set aside some time to reflect on my last year and evaluate it. Since then, it has helped me position myself better and make the most of the opportunities and commitments in the following year. Every year during the last week, I answer the below questions without fail. So take your notebook and pen, and I encourage each of you to think of the below questions and try to answer them for yourself.

1) What wins, achievements, and special moments do you need to celebrate from the last 12 months.
2) What are the three best life lessons you learned from the last 12 months?
3) What outcomes did your choices produce during the last 12 months?
4) Which relationships have helped you grow, and which ones haven’t during the last 12 months?
5) What activities deserve more of your time and energy, and what deserves less during the next 12 months?
6) What are your top 5 goals for the next 12 months?
7) What are your top 5 values for the next 12 months?
8) What is your detailed plan to achieve your top 5 goals identified for the next 12 months?’
9) What books should you read during the next 12 months?
10) What tools and systems can you think of to achieve your top 5 goals during the next 12 months?

Personally, the last year has felt more like a roller coaster ride for many of us than a walk in the park! COVID-19 was and is still one of such testing times for me as it is for most leaders worldwide. Despite that, I could list more than 25 personal wins, achievements, and special moments in 2021, which I am truly excited about and thankful to the Almighty. I am sure each of you can think of such things and be grateful for them.

Today, we are writing the first page of our 365 pages book called 2022. It is absolutely in our hands to make each page better than the previous page. With better awareness, we can make better choices; with better choices, we are bound to see better results. So let’s just get started.
I’m excited for you as you begin this review process, and I guarantee you’ll make 2022 a better year in your life!


Kishore Borra

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