Make people feel important

Today I remembered one of my primary school teachers who always made me feel like I am the most important person. All my classmates felt the same way. She used to manage multiple sections under a small thatched roof. She would compliment one student while helping the other. She would read lessons to one group while answering the other group. She would separate kids from fighting with each other and, at the same time, make them both feel good. Whenever she meets one of the parents, she would reassure them that their noisy and messy kid is the most precious one in the classroom. Therefore parents also loved her unconditionally.

Her ability to do this all day and throughout the year is quite amazing. Every time she made a child smile, she seemed to get more energized. She won many district and state-level best teacher awards. Today being part of the service industry, I realized that helping and making other people feel good somehow makes us stronger. Providing service to someone else gives us something back. It enriches our relationships and contributes to our success.


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