Leadership Principles for Entrepreneurs

While the last few months have been unprecedented in human history, we also find ourselves at a moment of unparalleled transition. Let me explain what happened during the last few months while we are stuck with Corona.

  • Amazon took over retail without owning any stores
  • Uber took over the taxi industry without owning a single car
  • Apple and Spotify have taken over music with no stores or artists signed to their name
  • Netflix has taken over movies and TV without ever showing a single movie in a theatre
  • LinkedIn has taken over job searching and hiring

No one can predict the future, but we must be prepared for it –– don’t you agree? There’s a saying, “We don’t know what we don’t know” and that’s why Growth Cast 2020 team has gathered some of the best experts that they know to give us unique insights and strategies to prepare our businesses and lives for the future.

I had the opportunity to participate in Growth Cast 2020 and talk about Leadership Principles for Entrepreneurs.

Below are some of the topics discussed in this session:

  1. What is leadership?
  2. How can you become a leader by design?
  3. Everyone is important in the organization
  4. What are the Proven Leadership Strategies that worked well in my organization?
  5. Sometimes promotions are found to be the common cause of the workplace demotivation. How can we deal with them effectively?

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