It’s not about you it’s all about others !!


We love our grandfather. I have grown up with six cousins, more or less of the same age. At the age of 6, every day, we used to have a list for our grandfather. We used to think God created grandparents to serve grandchildren. Oh yeah, we were six years old. My Grandfather used to take us to a nearby playground and watch us playing various games with other kids. Our parents used to think my grandparents were spoiling us, but after all, grandparents meant to do that. They don’t care about what parents think. So this was a kind of a routine for us. We prepared a list and submitted it to our grandfather. I promise you every day that list contained chocolates, lollipops, and cool drinks.

If he ever forgets to buy them, we used to look at him and say, grandpa, we are hungry, and we need a snack. There was only one rule: we shouldn’t tell this to our parents because parents are paranoid about it. So this was kind of a secret. Sometimes during dinner time, kids weren’t hungry, and parents could never figure out the reason. We are six years old; every day, we have an agenda for our grandfather. It was all about us. Not one time, not one time we went to our grandfather and said; grandpa, we have thought you have done so much for us for so long. What can we do for you?

You see, it doesn’t enter a 6-year-old mind that they should do something for someone else. It is okay at six years old, but it’s sad when you are 26 or 36 or 46. Still, If you have not figured out that it’s not about you, it’s all about others, then I doubt whether you can grow any further in your career as a leader. Having this kind of mindset and making a difference in other’s lives will naturally show results in your life too.

A good leader understands this. The day he takes up the mantle, he will give up thinking about himself. Remember, you don’t have to know it all to be a great leader. Be yourself. Why, because people would instead follow a leader who is always real than one who is always right. Therefore always put others first and find ways and means to add value to them daily.

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