It’s A Wrap

I am feeling many different emotions as I complete writing my 2nd book on leadership. It’s such a great relief that it’s done, and the process I started 14 months ago has now ended. I gave it my best by writing 30 minutes a day on average most days.

Writing a book can be really scary. But, there is a secret to reducing fear and accomplishing big goals in our life. Take Action!  The crazy thing about big scary goals is that they become less big and less scary the closer we move towards them consistently and intentionally. The secret to being productive is to work on the right thing, even if it’s at a slow pace.

To write a great book, you must first become the book. Every chapter that I wrote in this book is a reminder to myself. I wrote about leadership in this book because I am learning about leadership, and I consider myself the first reader and first learner. I have studied, understood, and lived the ideas mentioned here in this book myself first. This December, I promise to offer you a conglomeration of the best ideas the world’s great leaders figured out a long time ago, which are time-tested, well-proven, and easy to learn.

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