Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. Releasing this book is one such moment for me, and I would like to thank all those who helped me complete this book.

This book contains insights from my 20+ years of professional journey. I have shared practical leadership strategies for work and life that guided my journey from a village boy to the head of Indian operations of an Information Technology company. A few chapters of this book are part memoir, part leadership practices that served me well over the years. 

Everything that I shared in this book centers on my experience as EnergyTech Global’s first employee in India and the managing director and my vantage point as a massive student, practitioner, and evangelist of leadership as part of the John Maxwell Team.

I have combined leadership wisdom with insightful and entertaining real-life stories to unveil the secrets of building great teams and putting leadership into high gear. This book will help you increase your influence as a leader and fully engage and create magic to drive remarkable results with your teams. You can order your copies using any of the below links.–>–>–>
Notion Press–>

The eBook version will be available soon on Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, and iBooks.


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