Fire the Liar

Honesty is one of the best leadership policies. Exceptional inside-out leadership requires brutal honesty with oneself. Honesty is uncomfortable, vulnerable, painful, and never easy. However, it is what you need to lead yourself and your team. Please don’t lie to yourself even when the truth makes you feel bad about yourself. You can’t lead yourself as long as you are lying to yourself. Lying isn’t leading, and people don’t respect liars. What do we do when we come across a serial liar in our team? We don’t lead a liar; instead, we fire the liar. Therefore, if we are honest with ourselves, we need to fire the version of ourselves that keeps lying to us and making excuses for all the dumb decisions we are taking.

We were taught that the worst thing in the world is to feel bad about ourselves. There is something worse than feeling bad about ourselves. It is not doing anything about the thing that is making us feel bad about ourselves. We even do not realize that we are holding on to something that has got a hold on us, and we need to let go of those things from our lives. Sometimes we struggle to prioritize between what we value most and what we want immediately. But let me tell you this, you cannot lead yourself well until you discover what you value the most. Once discovered, you need to prioritize what you value the most over what you want now. It would be best to define your perimeter around your behavior, thought life, and relationships to better lead yourself. Ultimately the exceptional leaders lead themselves towards what they value the most but not what they want now.

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