Credibility is the new leadership currency


Do as I say, not as I do attitude won’t take you much farther in your leadership journey. You should be a worthy example so that people will say someday; I would like to be just like my leader. Your credibility depends on your track record of making a difference in people’s lives and people’s belief in you that you will do what you say. If you want to be a leader who wants to be followed or listened to, you should lead by example. By leading the way, you are creating confidence in the people around you. Always remember that when the leader lacks confidence, the team lacks commitment.


Once upon a time, a young boy was addicted to eating sugar. His mother warned him several times not to eat sugar as it is not good for his health. But the boy didn’t listen to his mother. Finally, the mother decided to get help from Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation. So, she took her son to the Ashram and requested Gandhiji to tell her son to stop eating sugar, as it is not good for his health. Gandhiji replied, “I cannot tell him that right now, but you can bring him back after a month, and then I will talk to him.” Hearing this, the mother was confused and upset that Gandhiji didn’t give any solution. So, she and her son went back home. After a month, they met Gandhiji again in the Ashram. This time Gandhiji looked at the boy and said, “Young boy, you should stop eating sugar as it’s not good for your health. Listen to your mother and follow her”. The boy promised that he would not do that again. The boy’s mother, out of curiosity, asked Gandhiji, “Why didn’t you tell him last time when I bought him here?” Gandhiji smiled and said, “Mother, last time when you came, I had the habit of eating a lot of sugar myself.”

A credible leader should always be a worthy example. Never ask your subordinates to do anything that you would not do yourself. Take every possible opportunity to show your team that you are willing to perform whatever is necessary for them to succeed.

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